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Do you have damaged or painful teeth? A root canal procedure may be the best solution for you. Although some people believe root canals are painful, with todays technology that is often not the case. At TranscenDental Smiles, our team of skilled and experienced dentists provide the best root canal treatment solutions.

Root canal treatment is a simple section of tooth anatomy that has the potential to reduce dental pain and save your damaged tooth from extraction. When the pulp inside the tooth gets damaged, it gives rise to extreme pain and trauma. The root canal therapy from TranscenDental Smiles is the perfect dental treatment for curing unbearable pain.

It is the method that devitalizes the tooth while keeping it in the exact position. While doing this, the dentist removes the infected or damaged pulp. Once it is completed, the root canal is cleaned and filled and the tooth is restored so that it will look and function as a natural tooth.

At TranscenDental Smiles, root canal therapy demands two or more sessions to get the best results. The dentist first provides local anesthesia. Once the area gets frozen, the tooth and surrounding tissues become ready for the operation, and then an opening is made so that the pulp gets exposed. Now, the tooth gets restored and sometimes the dental crown is used or the natural tooth remains to restore the original looks.

Would you like to learn more about root canal treatment and how it is beneficial for your dental health? Contact the team from TranscenDental Smiles today!

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